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Exclusive fronts and fascinating accents in our custom classic kitchens

Colors and shapes that harmonize with luxurious materials create a balance between practical kitchen use and exceptional design rooted in long-standing traditions. Get comfortable and feel at home in our classic style full of exquisite details with eye-catching shapes, appealing to the most discerning connoisseurs. Elegance and grandeur are undoubtedly key characteristics of this style.

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How to design a classic kitchen?

A classic style kitchen is impervious to passing trends. It is a style that never goes out of fashion and suits any interior. In the classic style, subdued, warm colors inspired by nature and high-quality materials like wood and stone prevail. Decorative moldings, pilasters, metal handles, or other embellishments are often featured in this style, adding elegance.

Agnieszka Adamek Azure Meble

Agnieszka Adamek

I have been active in the furniture sector for almost 15 years. Already as a student at the University of Gdańsk, I started working at the family company STOLZEN – at the time, the leading manufacturer of furniture fronts in Poland and in Europe. Over the years, I continued to develop the company, which expanded its product range to include top quality custom-made furniture for Clients across Poland, the UK and Scandinavia. After several years of exploration, in 2022 I established my own brand – AZURE – focusing not only on the quality of the furniture manufactured, but also on the production technology and service quality. 2022 marked the launch of high-end bespoke products, mainly kitchen furniture, as well as the start of my role as the President of the Elbląg Furniture Cluster, an organization associating regional leaders of the furniture industry over the past 15 years.