Luxury Bespoke Kitchens

AZURE is Poland’s leading brand, manufacturing exclusive bespoke furniture

AZURE is committed to sustainable production of kitchen solutions based on tradition, craftsmanship, natural beauty, high-quality materials and respect for environmental integrity. Constantly monitoring global trends, we take utmost care in preparing furniture designs for our Clients, and then begin the process of precise production using the best cutting-edge technologies.

Literally and figuratively, AZURE is a daughter company Stolzen, which has been in operation since 1994.

For many years now, Stolzen has been among the leading manufacturers of furniture fronts, recently also manufacturing furniture. Years of accumulated knowledge, experience and practice have led me to create a brand for the most demanding Clients who expect their spaces to be unique, elegant and luxurious, with attention to the finest detail. We cater to the needs of people seeking furniture of the best quality and a longer service life.

My intention is to enact the concept of sustainable luxury in the production of kitchen solutions relying on tradition, craftsmanship, natural beauty, high quality materials and genuine concern for environmental issues so that the buyer makes more responsible and informed choices. We have meticulously compiled a portfolio of selected components from which the Client can compose sustainable luxury at home while minimising environmental impact. Materials such as FSC-certified wood,  ecycled Italian organic fabrics, eco-certified oils – this is all to act today with a sustainable tomorrow in mind.